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I'm gonna be opening up for commissions soon! 5 slots, BUT with a special condition again, like last year! Deets on that below. Information on pricing and all other details is available in my Terms of Service :

Now that I have a Patreon ( ), I think I'm going to be abandoning that whole "Bonus Commissions" thing. I think my time will be better spent creating other content that folks will be interested in. That should also just make me more consistent on commission openings. Also, since I started up my Patreon this month, I'm going to continue to take off on slavestreams until March, just so I can get adjusted to this new workflow without overwhelming myself. I wanna make sure I can get the balance just right!

So yeah! I'll be opening for 5 commission slots on February 19th, around 5pm EST. Here's some copypasta:

-The journal will be posted with the link to the commission form. It will stay open for around 24 hours.
-The first 3 forms filled will be guaranteed a commission slot. The remaining 2 slots will be picked by me.
-I'll email those who got the slots to discuss ideas, prices, and other details, and then I'll send invoices and work on thumbnail sketches for commissioners' approval .
-The queue will be ordered by who gets that whole process done first, and I'll work down the queue in order.

I'll be sure to announce slots opening on my Commission Announcement Telegram channel: , as well as in journals and on Twitter.

Special condition?
So, remember how last year in April, I did a batch exclusively for folks who hadn't commissioned me the year prior? I'm doing that again! Like before, this is only going to be a thing for this batch; you can commission me again next batch if you commissioned me last year. I just want to shake things up and give other folks a stronger chance at getting a slot. If you commissioned me anytime in 2019, you aren't eligible for a slot.

What if I was featured in a commission I didn't pay for?
That is certainly a grey area! I'll have a list of folks, but I'm obviously not going to inquire upon every single commission I worked on the past year to find out if the other party paid for it as well. I'll likely prioritize folks who haven't gotten any art from me last year. If you're unsure, you can certainly still submit a form! Worst I can do is just not accept it, so you'll be fine.

What if I didn't read this lil tidbit at all and submit a form even though I got a commission last year?
I merely won't accept the slot. There will be no real repercussions outside of not being picked for this batch. Its no big deal, really, when it comes down to it, and super not worth pursuing any type of punishment. I'll just pick a different form submission.

If you have ANY questions regarding anything commission related, whether its about the process or your ideas themselves, let me know! I want to make sure everyone knows what they're doing and is prepared to the best of their ability! You can comment, note, or email me if you need help.

Commission slots Opening SOON!!


12 February 2020 at 17:33:35 MST

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