Recovery Report (Patreon for 01-12-20) by Kindar

It’s been two weeks. Yeah, forgot last week, not that there was much to report. Saw Rise of Skywalker. It’s a movie, and under the circumstances, I think it’s the best JJ Abram could do after the fiasco that was the last Jedi. This is the best example of why you don’t want to switch directors in the middle of a series.

My recovery is going well. Crossed one of my personal markers of progress, I reached the backsplash in the kitchen and flicked the light switch there. This weekend I celebrated a second marker, being able to carry food to my mouth with my left hand, by going out and eating a burger as South Street Burger. Very good burgers there. The next marker is being able to tie my hair back. Currently I can get my fingers to touch each other at the back of my head, but moving my arm once there is not possible. So definite progress is being made. My shoulder makes me pay for pushing each time I do it, but progress is being made.

So the writing, I began the second draft of Taking the Line, book 3 in the Inheriting the Line Series. I did so by taking out the first 3 chapters, starting with Arnold arriving in Denver. I also made minor changes to Arnold and his interactions with other people to make him less despicable. I can’t have him be a nice guy, but my beta reader commented on how he was so unlikeable that he had difficulty staying with the novel. I am hoping I managed to pull that off.

I wrote chapter 1 to 14, on Taking the line, I finished Freefall, which closes the first Arc in the Monsters and Bad Men series. It’s 33,000 word long. I currently have 6 arcs for the whole series, but not the individual novel ideas. I’m setting the series aside for the moment to focus on finishing 2628, and after that I want to write Virtual Friendship, set in the same universe as 2628. You can read them by supporting me at the 1$ level on Patreon

Nothing else to say that I can think of, so with that, I’ll see you on the next one.

Recovery Report (Patreon for 01-12-20)


13 January 2020 at 18:35:33 MST

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