2019: A year of gains and losses by df2

Hey, it’s Deutsch’s here! (Yes, i’m still alive lol)
Well, first of all, Happy new year for everyone, i do hope that this new decade has started well.
Making a balance from last year...it’ll a bit harder than usual to do, ‘cause it has happened a lot of things in such a short time, and many of them without prior warning.

In a laboral way, i’ve gained quite a lot of professional experience and this almost 9 months have taught me a few interesting things about myself, but, it had a cost: University.
I’ve not dropped it (which, was one of my first fears when i started to work) but, 2019 was a horrible year for me, only passing one subject, which, is sad.

To the end of october, someone who i’ve a high esteem has told me that she loved me. I’ve not said a word, instead, i gave her a kiss giving her a ‘Quick Answer’ so, yeah, i’m her boyfriend now!
A bit of info about her: She wants to be a doctor, she’s not furry, but, i’m introducing her to the fandom slowly (until she let me do such a thing) so, i invited her to a furmeet in my town, then i suggested to go a con here in Argentina this year and together we’re building her fursona (slowly, right? xD)

To the end of november i knew when i was going to have vacation (last week of the year ¬.¬), so i suggested to go together to Rosario.
There we’ve met together new friends there, and we had a lot of adventures, even when most of the city was closed.

Anyway, so basically our year was...intense

For this year, i do hope recover the rhythm of the university, and i hope she have a great year in many ways…

Art...we’ll see, i do not promise anything :D
For you, Mr. Reader, i do hope this new decade brings many great news, and achieve all your goals and thank you for reading this until the end

See ya later, Deutsch!

2019: A year of gains and losses


12 January 2020 at 20:11:04 MST

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