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Dawning of a New Decade by Dook

And so we begin... maybe it'll remind us of similar decades past like the 'Roaring 20's'? I'm sure that there will be plenty of defining moments that will leave a mark on the 2020's.

We rang in the New Year with a nice small gathering of friends around here which really raised everyone's spirits I think. Good food & drink was shared by all, Ralkor & i brought some of the last of our Tokyo Banana with us to share with folks including my newfound favorite the coffee milk flavor with a cute little print of an otter on it. (There were cute jokes/sight gags made about voreing the coffee otters... and it worked surprisingly well when dunked in coffee too...) There was a lot of fun with misc. board gaming to be had as well as interactive fun with Jack Box titles.

A nice time was had by all before gathering around for the traditional ball drop watching on the TV live from Times Square in NYC followed by a toast to the New Year. I didn't get the chance to make any preparations for any other of my typical New Year's traditons but may get around to it like black eyed peas possibly... or even soba noodles... will see.

So off to a nice start to 2020. I have plans to try to keep some resolutions I have had in mind... don't want to put them out there yet becauseI don't want to feel poorly if I find myself unable to keep them...

I hope everyone enjoyed ringing in 2020 & here's to hoping that things will look up & the outlook remains on a positive trajectory to carry throughout the rest of the year. Good luck & here's to the dawning of the new decade!

Dawning of a New Decade


1 January 2020 at 10:46:55 MST

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