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Happy New Year! by IridescenceStudios

Happy New Year everyone.

How about that new FA format, huh? I come back and everything’s different.

So as I do every year I went home to mom’s for a few days, except this year was a little different. Since I told my mom I’m transgender I offered her the choice on whether she wanted me to dress male or female for the trip and the option to discuss it if she had any questions. Mom asked me to dress male which I can’t say I didn’t expect, after all this has been on my mind a lot longer than it’s been on hers. She didn’t want to tell my dad during the holidays so it meant a lot of cases where I couldn’t really answer questions about certain things and felt like I was hiding something. On the one hand I didn’t mind the bit of normality but on the other I couldn’t wait to get back home and go into girl mode.

Needless to say 2019 was not my finest hour. I had a lot more mental blocks than I’d care to admit and I’m starting 2020 not in the strongest position. I finished a few short stories and a fair amount of video content, though I would always appreciate your feedback on my writing, since it’s very important for writers to see those comments! Even if it’s just ‘great story’, you have no idea how much it helps, and how much it kills motivation to see zero comments.

I have a couple of projects more or less ready for publication but therein lies the next issue.

This year I intend to transition to presenting female full time. That said, that comes with a lot of intermediate steps. I don’t know everything I have to do but among other things I need to change all of my ID’s, CC’s, legal name, speak to HR, and then there’s changing my business and book copyright for my first title over… That’ll be another journal later on.

Anyway, 2019 was kind of a very slow year for me when I expected I’d take off but instead was stuck in neutral, and I assure you it was not from lack of trying.

What’s on tap for 2020? It’s hard to say at this point. At present, my only goal is to do better than 2019. I’ll take it from there.

Now that we’re officially in the future, I just have one question.


Happy New Year!


1 January 2020 at 08:25:18 MST

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