End of Month Post - November 2019 by Blokfort

I don't know what to talk about or how to even start off this post so I'm not going to even try and just get into it. I realize that's how most of these go anyway, but at least I recognize it.

I want to say that I feel like I'm a bit more comfortable with pushing myself just a little bit more, especially with how November turned out. There were a lot of "lazy days" where I honestly just didn't work on anything meaningful. I still got all the work I needed to get done though, with still more for the future, 'commission' wise and 'personal project' wise. At the time of writing this, I've actually had to close commissions because I fear that I might take on more than I can handle and delay certain things and thus upset a few people because of those delays. That said, there are 2 (3?) projects I'd like to at least bring attention to. I've finally completed the final draft for the short-ish (NSFW) frame-by-frame comic called "Eyes on the Prize" and even finished a a page or two of it to see how it can look, and how well I can complete each page while keeping the same look and feel of the frames. Now, I don't want to promise anything, because that hasn't worked all that well in the past, but I want to say that it's realistic to say that I can probably finish a page every week. Another idea I have is mostly for Patreon. The thought being that instead of a weekly drawing, I could do a Monthly drawing, only this time specifically saying that every drawing will completed as: Clean line art, Soft Shading, with varying levels of backgrounds. Now to overload myself, I was also thinking I could do the weekly votes again, but thing time specifically keep them as sketches, and instead of "super complicated, full concept pieces" they would just be simple things like "this character, but in Link's clothing" or something. I'm not quite sure how to go about that though, as my list of characters I can easily look at is actually pretty small, and sometimes I feel like I should avoid picking certain ones to avoid "making people bored." I put it in quotes because I'm not sure how else to explain that last point.

And finally I'd like to make "official" character sheets for all my furry-related characters. Or at least give them a piece of "official" art.


- I don't know how to write these monthly posts.
- I've closed Commissions until I clear some space up.
- I've been rather lazy for November.
- I have 2 (3) Projects I'm working on, or want to work on:Eyes on the Prize comic
-- Monthly Patreon Piece
-- Weekly sketch piece?

End of Month Post - November 2019


1 December 2019 at 11:52:30 MST

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