Only Hissing Now! (closed) by Zaezar

Format has changed slightly! Going to have a link to an easier-to-edit and easier-to-have-examples google docs sheet. Claiming slots is the same as always. You comment down below or DM me to claim a spot!

For my examples and prices please check out this link:

Also, for a short time I am offering "Hissing" commissions and see how they go! Want your character guarding a food item? Only $15. Name the food that you REFUSE to let anyone touch. ITS YOURS. HISSSS
Example 1:
Example 2:

Please note that they should be able to stand on the food item, as well as it might be cropped. For example a tall cake will only have the top showing.

Slots open this round:

Slot 1: Scyance on FA - Halfbody Flat ~paid~

Slot 2: Seajay3647 on FA - 4x Telegram stickers ~paid~

Slot 3: mekattak - Fullbody Flat ~paid~

Slot 4: The-SLy-Fox on FA - Character Study ~paid~

Setting aside hiss spots because I want to do those:

Slot 1: Holydevil on FA - Hiss ~paid~

Slot 2: Draegonis on FA - Hiss ~paid~

Slot 3: Scyance: on FA - Hiss ~paid~

Slot 4: Kamoana on FA - Hiss ~paid~

Slot 5: Sylux54512 on FA - Hiss ~paid~

Slot 6: robswanson - Hiss ~paid~

Slot 7: Bandrik on FA - Hiss ~paid~

Slot 8: Shadow_hunter - Hiss ~paid~

Slot 9: Nameneko134 on FA - Hiss ~paid~

Slot 10: Kae196 on FA - Hiss ~paid~

Slot 11: Alopex03 on FA - Hiss ~paid~

Only Hissing Now! (closed)


8 November 2019 at 11:51:12 MST

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