i need your guys help (again) by dudewithgames

oooh boy it's been a while...

i'm so sorry if i have been silent these past months...i really underestimated how difficult things would get.

i've been fine for a while...but been busy with college and working at my job full time no problem...then a bit after school started my car starts acting up....and it's gotten so bad that i had to scrap that car of mine and get a...different...questionable car atm...i'm still trying to troubleshoot the car i got for free as the alternator keeps giving me errors or something despite my dad paying to get a new one in there....and a new battery as well...

so fixing the hand me down car has drained my finances as things have been extra tight....so with school lightening up a bit towards the end i'm going to try to push commissions again. i didn't push so hard or even draw so much because i've been so busy with college and life in general @___@;...i'm trying my best but...sometimes you screw up here and there...i think the main thing that's screwing me over is the fact i don't have a backup plan in case stuff like my car breaks down...or how my health insurance is BIG dumb and i have to pay for raw doctor's appointments before i reach the high deductible (for example my upcoming doctor's appointment is going to cost me 300 dollars if i want to continue to be on medication for my adhd/anxiety disorders...i'm going to limit my doctor's visits as much as i can) and I've an upcoming 100 dollar consoling bill i'd like to...at least feel comfortable paying off and not have to delay it...

so otherwise...i should have at least uploaded some sort of art per month...but otherwise...if you still believe in me and/or would like to commission me:


is the link to my paypal.

otherwise, if you'd like to commission me as well you could follow this link as well:

and then i'll send an invoice after.

thanks for continuing to watch me despite my inactivity @___@....i promise i'll come back with a vengeance very soon!

i need your guys help (again)


3 November 2019 at 12:21:56 MST

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