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Bailing on this Site? by TristanAlexander

So, it seems that most of the good artists I was happy to see here are bailing on this site! Giving up and not posting anymore! I hear it is being slow and no one is posting...and that is from peopel who are NOT posting here anymore! If you donlt POST it will not get better!! I like the way this site looks and works so far, I realy hope the good artists stop playing in FA and start actually USEING this site!!

Bailing on this Site?


10 July 2013 at 10:31:23 MDT

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    I hope so too. I just got here. The only reason I'm still on FA is for the people who aren't on Weasyl yet.

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    Yeah, it's a really unhealthy snowball effect; a well-known artist stops posting because the site is "quiet," then their watchers stop posting, etc. That was one failing of Nabyn, although Nabyn had the added problem of MIA admins; at least this site has active mods. People just need to stick with it for the long haul and contribute instead of abandoning it simply because it's a new (ish) site and isn't "active." It takes a while for a site like this to establish a thriving community, but that can't come to be if people jump ship only a couple months in.

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    That's a good attitude. Hopefully other people adopt it :3

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    I agree with you, I use this site because I want it to succeed. I can understand those that don't want to completely give up FA if you have built up a user base but is it really that difficult to take a few minutes to contribute here too?

    It's not!

    I'd rather read two comments on this site than 20 on FA! This website seems more stable with a stable staff, if I'm going to rely on a hosted gallery I'd rather rely on one that isn't build on cardboard like FA is. All FA gives artists is attention because of it's user base, that's it!

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    I'm holding down the fort right here and on FA.

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    I think alot of it is habit. We go back to our older sites that we've established our existence. I'm still posting what I feel is worth posting. Still, its slow going but when I do remember to check, I try to find out what people are up to. Its a catch 22 on this one, can't always be that person that works the relationship, somethings gotta give back.