Cheap Commissions for awesome Artz!! by Emberz

Yo, my people,

Check this lady OUT! Shes doing cheap commissions so she doesnt have to survive off of poptarts and ramen cuz she just moved into a new apartment! The money she makes will help her save up for a mini fridge that she store put sustenance in!! :D

Here's some samples!:\_mnuotyISRK1qglhvno1\_r1\_1280.png

Here's her prices:

I just commissioned her myself! Shes really sweet and likes kitties :D

Cheap Commissions for awesome Artz!!


7 June 2013 at 17:47:34 MDT

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    Dawee, wish I cud help out ;-; Things are starting to get tight for me even without buying arts Dx and I haven't even gone to AC (or bought plane tickets) or Ontario yet :x eep! Buying a house sure suckssss in the beginning @_@ So much paperwork, fees, lawyers, etc... gosh... glad when its over next week... then just have to worry about the mortgage and utility bills... -o-

    I wish her all the best >o< ♥

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      yeah it seems to be really tight for everybody lately :< it really sucks i have under 50 in my bank account and i still need to pay for some things and some stuff

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        Awee, guess were all feeling the pinch :c *hugs*