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RIP Weasyl by raydobbs

Sadly, it looks like my participation in this site will have to come to an end. There is no administration left to this site, no mods, no community. The spam is pervasive and no one seems to care about it existing anymore. Unless things drastically improve before the end of the month, I will be removing all content from this page, blanking the account out and leaving. Too bad, really - this place really had a lot of potential, something that could have really been different from FA or other sites.

While I could leave some content here, the majority of the items I've submitted belong to my Waltman's Women literary work. Without active administration here, I cannot leave this copyrighted material here to just get picked off without a point of contact. Rest in Peace Weasyl, you definitely deserved better than this.

RIP Weasyl


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    One of the reason why I quite was because nothing was being done about the spam and I was tired of having to do almost everything. lol RIP Weasyl

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      Then you were likely the one last person people kept telling me about a month or two back. Ouch.