Apologies for slow progress by PieMan24601

Making this journal because I want to keep you all in the loop, and because I feel just horrible about how long things have been taking me.

I've been feeling so burned out and stressed lately. Recent events have been very taxing on my mental health, and try as I might, my drive to create and do the art I owe has been very low. I absolutely hate this, because I HATE making you all wait for the art you commissioned. I absolutely hate that. I owe you all stuff and I want to get it done ASAP, but my stupid brain just isn't allowing that right now. I've been trying to take breaks but they've only made me feel worse, as I know each day I waste is more time you have to wait for your art. When I try to work on the art I owe, if i'm not in the exact right mood, I have a mild panic attack at the quality/composition/whatever and just... never had panic attacks while drawing before and that is INCREDIBLY upsetting to me...

Point is: My body and mind are bastards and I hate myself and things are taking MUCH longer than I feel is acceptable. I'm very upset with myself right now, I'm trying to get it all done ASAP without having it's quality suffer. In my current mental state, that's proving very difficult. I apologize for the extra time and wait all of my BS is causing. I want to do the best quality work i can for all of you, and I'm so sorry it's taking so long. i will NOT be taking any new commissions or anything like that until all that I owe is done.

Once again I'm sorry, and I hope my ramblings made some sense. Thank you all so much for your love, patience, and support. You all mean the world to me.

Apologies for slow progress


8 October 2019 at 09:35:20 MDT

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