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So going to try working on doing game streams again, my work schedule kind of made this a little difficult and in a few ways it still does make it a little hard to actually sit down and just stream games. A lot of the time I get home and I'm just so mentally drained that I really just want to relax and since I'm normally answering the phone and staring at a computer all day I will usually take one look at my home computer and just walk away from it. Another aspect too is single player games to me don't really feel that entertaining because I feel like I'm not all that entertaining on my own unless I'm really in to the game I'm playing. Gotta work on that, build up the idea that I'm actually doing okay but I also like to play in a group or in co-op and have some kind of banter going, it feels more lively and I can play off the others gaming with me.

That being said I'm planning on playing Borderlands 3 as a game stream and that's because I like the Borderlands universe and really that's all the excuse I need. I would certainly like to get a couple of other people to go in as a party with me, maybe play each one of the different characters and kind of get a feel for how they play off each other and go from there. Otherwise I'll be slogging through it just because I can, I did it with the Pre Sequel (because just about everyone else I know stopped after BL2) and I can do it with this too but honestly it's more fun with a group.Other plans are me wanting to start doing streams for Monster Hunter: World and Monster Hunter: Iceborn (when that hits PC) just because I feel like goofing around and because when the Rajang is released I'm going to be doing a lot of running for my life. I didn't like fighting it in Freedom Unite and I am sure I am not going to like it in this.

Any other suggestions you guys have for games to stream is appreciated though my budget is limited so I may not be able to make a grab for all of them. I am also going to be looking in to setting up a Ko-Fi for donations and looking in to some backgrounds of some charities for Parkinson's Disease to make donations to as well.

You can find me on Twitch under see you guys there and happy gaming.

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Game Streaming Plans


4 September 2019 at 18:12:32 MDT

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