Freebie stream in a few hours~ by Zaezar

A Patreon funded freebie stream is happening in just a few short hours from when I post this! At 2pm Central Time over on I will be live giving people themed kigarumis, hats, and overall cosplay elements all based on Pokemon. Want a Shuckle kigu? Everyone wants a Shuckle kigu you shut up.

This is Patreon FUNDED but not Patreon EXCLUSIVE. Anyone can get a headshot from this, though the Patrons get bonuses in the raffle system and in their rewards. Helps to fund the rest of you getting things so it seems fair :B

Rules and systems for the freebie stream. We will be going over all of this before each pulling so everyone has a chance to get in, so don't be scared about forgetting a step~

  • Use the keyword to enter the raffle. You only have to enter once, and that puts you in the raffles for the whole stream.
  • If you are a Patron you get also added to the Patron raffle list as well.
  • If you win, wait for a permit in the chat and drop the reference to the character. SFW please! If it is NSFW then please warn us ahead of time so no one has to see something they didn't want to see.
  • From that permit, you have 90 seconds to claim your slot. If you do not throw your ref in the stream within this timeframe then we will pull a new winner. If you start asking questions like "character x or character y" then clearly you weren't ready and we will pull a new person. Please have your idea ready.
  • Once you got your slot, let me know a Pokemon and if you prefer a more Kigarumi style or a Cosplay style of it and I will get to work!

Patrons get their own raffle every other time, and their images get quickly colored too.


Freebie stream in a few hours~


28 August 2019 at 10:49:02 MDT

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