Third (and last) Commission List 2019 by DarkShadow777

Yo people!

This is a small notice to let you know I closed the third, and last commission list for this year. I'm going to
take a larger yearly break this time due to some stress issues, I will try to recover my sleep pattern after a rather complicated year X3. I'll detail on this further.

BUT, Into the good stuff now!

The new list of Quartz Commissions go as follows:

1.- CityHunter77 (Full Color Illustration)
2.- Wiggles234 (Flat Color Doujin Page)
3.- lakanookie (Full Color Illustration)
4.- Slimshod (Full Color Illustration)
5.- Marbles (Full Color Illustration)
6.- Lucidum (Reference sheet)
7.- Anon (Full Color Illustration)

And my Fridaysketch Commissions List
is currently full for August, BUT, if you are interested in getting a
stream commission, you can always contact me, as September is open for
commission inquiries!

As usual, check out my Trello for more details about commissions and progress.


As I said earlier, this is the last batch of Quartz Commissions I will be working this year. I will be taking my yearly break earlier to try and recover some of my sleep pattern, not that commissions has something to
do with this, but I am looking forward to train myself to have a consistent sleep patern.

Obviously, this doesn't mean I will stop posting stuff, I will be working personal projects and other things for you to see!

If you are interested in a Quartz Commission, and you didn't make it into the last list, don't worry! I will make a new journal announcing I'm taking new commission requests for next year, as well as letting you know I'm starting my break, and when it will end.

On the other hand, I will change the way this slots work. Previously, if a person wanted more than one commission, we got the slot "locked" until we finished all of the projects. This system, however, is a bit unfair, because new people is not able to get anything when they ask me. So, taking in mind that, I'm making a cool down system, that in fact was used from this second and third list transition, in where we can go in circles: I deplete a list, and make a new one, if you wanna repeat, we begin once again, in a cycle, that way, I can take commission requests from new people in case that, for some reason, the previous commissioner doesn't repeat.

At the same time, that lessens my "strain" of working the same stuff over and over again...

Fridaysketch Stream Commissions will continue up to the end of November, so, you can still request something to be done during my streams!

And finally, for all the people that sticks with me, and supports me, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you, Thank you SO MUCH!


Third (and last) Commission List 2019


15 August 2019 at 23:03:11 MDT

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