New problems, New fixes for moods by sirkain

Went to see Psychiatrist today to get refills on some medications, and to find out whats with my mood swings and instability past month or so. And looks like I have a flavor of bipolar. There's like 2 dozen or more types of it now from what she told me, and easily treatable. The name for the one I have currently is called “Mixed State” which happens when on an antidepressant for a while (2 years in my case). Getting off the Lexipro been taking as an antidepressant and shifting over to lamotrigine, an Anticonvulsant common with treating bipolar and epilepsy.

So for the next couple weeks I may still be a bit off center while body gets used to having less of one drug and adjusting to having a new one in it.But here is hoping within a few weeks I’m back to being balanced mood wise and hopefully keeps the temper in much better check than I have been able to do with it for a while lately.

Hope you all have a good week!

New problems, New fixes for moods


13 August 2019 at 19:43:25 MDT

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