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Rescind that last by Kyrugii

Okay, after a bit of thought and kicking around what my motivation really is here I’ll be coming back. As for the motivation, it’s pretty easy. Most who create something want to share it. I’m no different. At the time I decided to quit I was running low on the desire to continue Jeremy. It had stalled, along with everything else I had promised people and I wasn’t coming up with any ideas on any of it. With all that said, the design to stop posting was really in preparation to walk away from writing and furry altogether. Until last month I was pretty much done and ready to walk away after finishing a few promised stories. Then I got an idea that refueled like Jeremy did three years ago.

I find I can’t walk away now. I need to share this, so you’ll be seeing more from me soon.

I still don’t like how creators get treated sometimes, but I also know that realistically there will always be flaws like any other platform. You just have to suck it up and get your stuff out as best you can while putting up with other people’s shit.

Rescind that last


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