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Hey guys, I'm need some help with my art. What should I draw next? My art sucks and I know it. This is the main reason NO one likes it. Anyway if any of you can give me some feedback, I'll be happy to read it. Thanks for reading!

My art


27 July 2019 at 09:59:59 MDT

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    I only see one art of yours to go by
    And from this I hope you don't mind me going from there okay? On art improvement, the one thing I always suggest is for your subject of choice (say the cheetah) to have at least 3 Photographic references of the actual animal you are drawing to help your mind learn and remember "how the subject is built and works". References can always be helpful in that way since the brain can't remember everyone 100% at all times.

    Another thing that helps in general with art is to do a gesture drawing (basic shapes or lines of where you are placing things). You gotta dra wit very lightly so you can erase it later if you are doing traditional, but Gesture drawings can help you get placement before even getting to the sketch point of your piece. Example: The first two really crappy sketches are Gestures. They are what helped me set the pose and proportions before I 100% lined them down. Take note that you do not have to exactly copy the shape of your gesture or sketch for the final lining. those are there just to help along the way.

    The final general info I usually mention, and the hardest one, would have to be SHading. Although your Piece here seems more like a flat color, I would still like to leave you with a little extra for you to use in the future. Shading and Highlighting is best done with colors rather than Black and White. When you shade Try using Dark Blues, Purples, or Dark reds/Brows depending on your art. When you highlight, try very carefully with light blues or light yellows depending on the lighting of your art.

    Now I'll also be mentioning that a creator doesn't get found all in one day. It does actually take quite a long while to build your own community around yourself in art, and that takes you being active and trying to reach out to your own audience as well. Commenting, posting content, and other general interactions. If you are a new artist, one thing I can suggest to help reach out to new people is to do Art Trades ( What is an Art Trade: ) as this can help you meet new people, get your own art out there, and get your own characters known all at the same time.