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Hey All! by RoY7x

Just wanting to let everyone know! It's finally time! I know this is kind of out of the blue, but hey. Better late then never! Starting today, I will be posting all my artwork here too, just like on FA. Perhaps also for the fact of it's recent outage, I just thought it would be best to do it now. Strike while the iron is hot.

I will note now, that many of the submissions posted will not have any real descriptions, and they may never unless I go back through and copy/paste/find them. So if you're wondering what the caption might have been, you should go and view the FurAffinity versions~

Edit: Hrmm I'm already getting hit with the laziness bug. Does anyone know of a good way of importing your gallery from FA to here? This is going to eat up a lot of time if I try to do that manually Owo

Hey All!


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    :3 Welcome to weasyl. Hope you enjoy your stay and thank you for sharing your art with everyone's eyeballs here. Just be sure to tag the artwork properly on here when you do upload. The site is very tag reliant.

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      Ahh, didn't realize even for journals that seems to be necessary. Very new indeed I'm afraid. Glad though there seems to be a way for folks to tag onto my works and help add missing ones.