FurDU 2019 Write-up by SilverSheep

I am still getting over my Con Crud, but I thought I'd do a write-up for FurDU this year. FurDU was an extraordinary event for me this year for two reasons. The first being it was the first time attending the convention with a boyfriend and the second being it was the first time fursuiting at FurDU.

Fursuiting is a challenge on logistics, my body and also cuts into my photo time. Having said that I wish I could have suited more. I loved being Braxton, and it was a magical experience. Many things came together to make my experience run smoothly.

My friends made this event happen for me and reduced my stress levels so much. I had help from Warbrin and Stripes Tiger with the logistics of transporting Braxton. Warbrin also lent me his fan to use as a head dyer. I wouldn't have been able to suit as much without the fan.

I have never felt so well supported by a group of people. Lutrus was a lifesaver for the fursuit walk. He stuck with me for the whole time and made sure I made it back in time. Kai Long did some emergency repairs on Braxton twice at FurDU once just before the fursuit walk after a mishap at the EDS maker shoot.

Without the support of the beautiful people in this fandom, I'd wouldn't have had a good time. One highlight of the convention was fursuiting with Mac and chatting with him a bit. He was having a rough time with his accommodation, and I hope that I helped with that the best I could.

I got some partying done starting with Bowen's room party on Wednesday night, continuing with 11pm fursuiting in the lobby on Thursday night, Mosky's dance rave on Friday night, Draggo's room party on Saturday night (That didn't get shut down) and more dancing on Sunday night. I was all partied out on Monday.

I totally went nuts in the Dealer's Den blowing my budget entirely so much, so I had to transfer more money from my savings to pay for my hotel room. Having said that I didn't get into debt or anything. I love to support my arts and all that.

It was good spending some time with Lexy. He was being more of a photographer than me this year. I did get some photo time in but not as much as the previous years. I did get much more socialising in, catching up with many different people and going to more dinners and lunches with people.

I have learnt a few tricks with fursuiting that will make life easier for me next year. My planning worked well, and I'm glad to have listened to the advice from veteran fursuiters. I'm looking forward to next year.

FurDU 2019 Write-up


9 June 2019 at 09:03:54 MDT

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