Sonic movie delay by wakeangel2001

So the makers of the Sonic movie announced a new release date, February 14th 2020. So that means the animators have an extra 3 months to re-do Sonic's effects. Now I'm pretty certain that filming for this movie was finished quite some time ago so all that's left is post work, but I suppose it wasn't as simple a job as re-skinning Sonic with whatever new model they make. That does make sense I suppose, even if the animation asset was basically a pre-done thing that you could drag and drop a new skin on they would have to make all new facial animations to work with the proportions of the new face because that is VERY easy to mess up and fall into the uncanny valley. Besides I think the "drag and drop" thing would work okay if it was animation for the games (like the Avatar from Forces) or even TV, but it would be pretty noticeable on a giant movie screen. On the plus side it looks like they remembered to give Sonic gloves so that's something. Still got the blue arms though...

Sonic movie delay


24 May 2019 at 20:05:37 MDT

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