Alex dusts off her page by HoneyNutFemios

So I forgot to share some updates, for those curious about the fate of this page:

1) I should still have it open for commissions. I will try to make it less expensive as I no longer am using Adobe programs: The creative cloud decided to act out against my better judgement so I decided to cancel my subscription and start using Clip Studio Paint instead. I'll eventually get to learn the ropes of this program.

2) My scanner has been acting up lately. Hopefully by next week I will have something for you guys. Alternatively, work.

3) I am still fairly active on Twitter! So if you need to give me an inquiry, the best bet is there.

Alex dusts off her page


24 May 2019 at 15:20:40 MDT

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    Nice to see you’re still up and about! :)

    I think you’ll like CSP, a lot of people I know have switched to it the past year or two. I’ve been using it since it was known as Manga Studio and I really like it. :)

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      Thanks! And good news, I do. It seems easier to do digital lineart that I am somewhat satisfied with on here and coloring is ten times better!

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        You're most welcome! :)

        I'm glad it's working out so easily for you! :D