Haha.. So Fun by TiffRoss

Saved up to buy a shed to replace the one falling apart and so we can get stuff OUT of our house and where it belongs in storage.  Ended up costing a little more than we budged for.  That was fine!  We're GOOD!

Following week, sewer decides to back up. :D  Got it fixed.
Water heater died. :( :(  So much pain.  Got it replaced, because my neighbor is a very nice plumber who did an amazing job I might add.  
My car got stuck in the mud for two days. :D  Thankfully, husband had a friend who could come and pull us out and I discovered the tow hook and what those funny little round panels are on my car. :D

So finally getting back to my routine and I'm open for commissions as well as streaming tonight, tomorrow night, Friday night AND Saturday night if I have commissions on Twitch.  I start at 6PM CST and usually end around 8pm CST.     https://www.twitch.tv/shivaestudios

My commission rates are located here: http://cyantian.net/commissions/

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Haha.. So Fun


15 May 2019 at 10:37:32 MDT

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    Life... kind of a bit meh at times. ;p