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Oh yeah, panda is striking back to Reno, NV this weekend.
A year ago, I met Mausie at BLFC, that marked a before and after in my life (just exagerating, but I really was very excited for that). Just check this video from last year's fursuit festival: (first 30 seconds are the important)

Sad news... this year won't be Mausie, but I was very honored to see him again during NordicFuzzCon and Furnal Equinox.

But well, getting back to the BLFC 2019 topic:

This year I'm not hosting any panel or event, I want to enjoy the convention more than being busy running from a place to another. I have many plans with many friends, tho. But please, if you see me, don't hesitate to poke me and say hi or even giving a hug. I've had many messages that said things like "I saw you at the con, but I was too shy to talk to you". It is supposed that the shy one is me, so please, I appreciate any greeting, hug, picture request.

Artists Alley (or Bazaar)

Again I'll be at the Bazaar (or Artist's alley), this year at table B2, only on Saturday, from 11am to 6pm.

I'm bringing this year some books: my artbook, or as I called it, the "Greatest Hits"; and the "Inktober's NSFW (but clean) G rated". Also I'll bring vinyl stickers, and not 100% confirmed but introducing in my artist alley table: enamel pins (trades are allowed).

Ah, yeah, and of course, commissions!!
I will only have 4 slots to do during the con, plus another 9 to take-home, which, from now on I announce, take-home commissions taken at BLFC will take a little longer than normal, probably until June when I start working on those 9 drawings, because I still have to do some that I took at TFF, and I hadn't had time to work on them.

I have prepared some points for you if you are interested in a commission from me at BLFC, to consider this:

  • Be one of the first to arrive when they just open doors, they always make a queue about 30 minutes before they open. The commission slots fly, sometimes even before 20 minutes of doors opening (find out on my telegram channel , there I announce if there are still slots available or if they have already been filled)

  • The commissions are only during the convention, and only during the artists alley, not before or after. Remember that there will be only 4 people that will take their drawings home that day, and another 9 that will wait a few weeks for their drawings to be ready.

  • Be thinking about a good idea that I can work for you, if you don't have one, you can leave it up to me n__n I don't have a problem suggesting ideas (TBH I like that)

  • Have prepared your reference sheet (any reference of your character works for me, no matter if it's not properly a ref sheet), PREFERABLY PRINTED !! If you can't print it, you can have it ready saved on your phone and I'll take a picture to your screen. Don't trust the internet of the convention center, so do not try to find your reference on FA at the moment. That almost never works.

Activities I'll do

It's for sure that at some point of the convention I'll play bowling. I'm not sure if I'll go to the go-karts and mini-golf, since they don't allow fursuits anymore (or hopefully this year they changed back that).
I planned many dinners with friends.
But also, checking the program, I can tell that for sure I'll be at the fursuit festival, dancing with Audiodile (Friday at 11pm, main stage), also I want to go to the pool party, I need to be less shy with my own body and just have fun. And probably Fursuit games on Sunday at noon.

And of course, after the con, expect my journal telling all my adventures.

See you there!!!

panda hugs

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14 May 2019 at 12:18:24 MDT

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