▲🌱Summer Commissions by Uluri

tldr: will open commissions End of June. Not yet.

Summer Commissions

I'll be opening my Commissions in the Summer time or when I quit my current job if earlier. I've finally decided on that. This weekend especially helped me see that where I am working is what's causing my arm to not get any better. 3 days off and I was able todraw fine, but as soon as I'm back in work my arm feels like death? So with that, I want to share with you all my future plan so that folks can prepare.

Schedule Planned: Commissions will open on Thursdays and Saturdays starting morning to sometime afternoon to note folks in the evening, while I'll stream Fridays and Sundays those commissions probably around 12pm EST. 

Schedule Part 2: I'll plan to fill up 2 hours worth of commission for each of those days. I work $30/hour, and if you are unfamiliar with this type of commission system CLICK HERE to Preview the average time a com type takes, this should help guide you. If I don't fill those slots, I'll open in stream for some of my YCHs or if someone has some commissions at that moment they want. We'll see how things go from there. 

I don't think I'll take 18+ commissions still as nsfw art is something I can only draw when I am up for it on a whim and for myself. I am uncomfortable on the subject, but I think if I ever do want to draw nsfw it'd probably be feral, pokemon, or stuff with Sin. At most, I think NSFW coms would end up being YCHs if I ever wanted to. Just wanted to mention this since sometimes it's asked, and I haven't been open for commissions for a long time. 

Questions are Appreciated, and I'll answer the best I can.

▲🌱Summer Commissions


26 March 2019 at 08:22:17 MDT

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