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March 1, 2019 by MK_Wizard

I was talking on a forum with a fellow webcomic writer and she gave me a simply amazing idea on how to get kids to read G rated webcomics that are made for them or all ages. We don’t need to wait for conventions or paperback versions of the webcomic to come out. Our opportunity to present them to kids is right in front of us from the moment we find the kid friendly webcomic.

Just as we give our kid a movie to watch at home, a book to read at home or a comic book to read at home, why not just get on the computer with your kid and take them to the webcomic you found? Just like a TV show, it usually does run on a schedule.

In other words, you already have the opportunity. You don’t need a convention to just spend time with your kids or to go up to them and say “would you like to take a look at this fun webcomic, honey?”

And it’s very win-win because you’re monitoring what the kid is reading, you have something to bond over and the writers of kid friendly webcomics get their stuff read and known. We don’t need to wait for conventions, make clubs or do fancy stuff like that. We just treat webcomics the way we do all other media. We make time for it and give time to children to read them.

What say all of you? I mean, when it comes to movies, we don't wait for conventions. When it comes to movies or shows, we see the commercial, research and then introduce to our kids? Why not do the same thing with webcomics when we find them?

March 1, 2019


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