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April 29, 2019

Hello, hello! MK_Wizard here and I am happy to announce a fun little contest to celebrate my main webcomic's second anniversary which is right around the corner!

Unlike the first contest, this one is significantly easier and way more fun. I had the pleasure of sharing the Jekyll and Hyde my way with you and I cannot even begin to thank you enough for welcoming my version with open arms and hearts. The best way to thank you I can think of is with this contest in which it is now YOUR turn to make Jekyll and Hyde YOUR way. They can be any way, from any time zone and any setting including that of the webcomics you write if you got any. They don't even have to my straight men like mine or a human and troll. Do Jekyll and Hyde your way. And if you already have a Jekyll and Hyde (or an equivalent) in your comic already, let's see'em.

There are just some rules to consider;

  • You entry must be sent by email at m-kap[at] by June 1.
  • Must be fullbody with both your take on Jekyll and Hyde in one picture with details about them.
  • SFW content only please. I don't mind sexy clothes or showing skin, but nothing that shows anything private and nothing offensive or hateful please.
  • Once you enter your entry, it's final. No take backs. Sorry.
  • After June 1, there will be a voting period which is solely up to the viewers in the form of votes and comments. The Jekyll and Hyde take that gets the most of both in total wins. The voting deadline is June 15.
  • The winners will be announced June 16 which is my anniversary.

And now, the prizes;

  • First place wins a full colour group art pic of my Jekyll and Hyde with your Jekyll and Hyde, and one full colour art request of the winner's choice.
  • Second place wins an ink art request of the winner's choice.
  • Third place wins a sketch art request of the winner's choice.

So good luck, have fun and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Notice: All entries will be hosted on the main site here for the voting period

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