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Hello y'all.

TL;DR version: Archive update, I have around 400 pieces yet to dump in scraps including traditional sketches from back in 2012

Long version: Brief update on the archival of my old work. I'm trying to keep the spam-y-ness down by limiting it to about 20 pieces a day/every other day. I don't intent to clog all your inboxes, so hopefully this is a good compromise.

As it stands now I have around 50 sketches left in just the commissions section of my PC. After that I'm moving on to the digital sketches which I have yet to start tallying up, but I'm gonna wager that's around 100 pieces. Hopefully less.

Now, February is going to be an interesting one because now that I have a decent camera phone I have work as old as 2012 to start putting up here. Yes. I'm going that far back. Why am I going that far back? Because around that time is where my OG OCs were created, and I like sharing my old work, even though the anatomy is terrible, the perspective is off, and the hard surface objects such as the cars and guns make zero sense. Also the dialogue is just atrocious.

Now, this is going to be a process for me. I have to photograph every page, crop them, move them over to my PC (Iphone can kiss my tail. It's a hassle and a half to manage your data on iCloud Photos) watermark them if they aren't watermarked, then it's uploady business as usual. If I go dark for longer than 2 days then expect me to be held up.

Again, bear with me while I trudge through this. If I stay on track then we'll get to seeing new (being 2019) pieces here in March.

Archive Update


27 January 2019 at 12:46:09 MST

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    Oh Thank Tatertots you've decided not to do a Mass Spam. 20 all at once is still quite a lot. Would it be able to be split between morning and night so that it doesn't overshadow all the other artists who post, too? I think that Postybirb has a queued uploader, but you have to leave it on for the day for it to work, though. I think that's how it's scheduled posting works anyways?

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      AH by overshadowing, I mean on the Browsing for newest art. Front page may only display the latest 3, but Browse shows everything at the time you posted it along with everyone else's works they post.

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        Oh! Wow, thanks for pointing out Weasyl's Browse thing. The front page seemed to move pretty slow, but I didn't know it filtered things down to prevent spam. Well, you learn something new every day.
        Btw THANK YOU for pointing me to Postybirb. It's making uploading stuff a lot less of a hassle. I can try to slim down the uploads, maybe ~10 when I get home from work then ~10 when I go to bed. I can't do mornings at all, but the former is at least a 4 hour difference between uploads. Postybirb does have delayed uploads, but I'd imagine you'd have to have the application open in the background. I'll fiddle with it some.