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Would you like to see...? by Alcho

Hey guys and gals!

Would you like to see any / all of the following?

  • Pieces that I've never released on any art site
  • Sketches that didn't make the cut
  • Char designs / theories that never happened
  • In-Progress drawings before anyone else sees
  • Exclusive rewards for your involvement in my process
  • Access to a closed community of artists / fans
  • Lots of other neat little bonuses

Would you like to see something that's not listed up there?

I'm debating doing something really cool here, and would like as much information as you guys / gals would be willing to give!

Until Next Time,
Keep on Keepin' On!

Would you like to see...?


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    Post up the things you feel like you wanna post. These sound like things you'd post onto a Patreon/other supporters site.

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      That's actually exactly what I'm asking for - I'm testing the waters of all of my art sites to see what kind of things people are interested in, so I can more accurately make my tiers of Patreon ^.^

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        Ah in that case, then I'll start with that I'm just a passerby who likes to read random folks journals. Although I'm not a watcher, if I were to patreon someone the things I would be interested in are Any art at any point. Finished works, Sketch works, things you think you'll never finish, too. Being given something is nice, but patreon is to support an artist rather than give them more work in my opinion. I've a patreon myself, and I learned that it gets hard to manage creating rewards if you are also trying to manage creating projects.

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          Yeah, that's actually what I was thinking too - I'm already pretty swamped from time to time with commissions - so having to do a billion rewards every month too would reeeeeeally get hard lol! I was thinking about really focusing on sneak peaks and the sketches that didn't make the cut - maybe some special streams and chats!

          I greatly appreciate the input for sure buddy! I'm super new to the whole concept of Patreon, so I've been looking at a bunch of suggestions, guides, and all sorts of ideas to figure out exactly what I want to do! ^.^ This input has been extremely helpful!

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    I'd like to see most of them!