Art Trades? by smoketopus

hey everyone! I've been wanting to try my hand at a few art trades, and wanted to see if anyone would be interested. I want to do some equal trades (bust for a bust, headshot for a headshot, etc) and I'd love to experiment in a variety of styles that I can do (Simple cel-shaded pieces, pixel, sketches, digital painting, etc), though I'm most confident with cel-shaded style pieces and sketches.

I'm not up to do any nsfw trades, but I can draw humans, furries, mecha, etc.

I'll send you a pm if I'm up for the trade to maybe talk more!

Any of my characters here would be wonderful!

If you are interested, leave a comment below with the following:
-What you'd be interested in trading (Fullbody, bust, headshot, etc)
-Reference for character you'd like me to draw
-What kind of style you'd like me to draw your character in?

Art Trades?


20 January 2019 at 14:23:12 MST

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    I would like to TRY a trade--over the weekend I'll sort through your folder and find something. But as I can be notoriously slow when I work my job daily, it might be a couple weeks. So I would like to draw something first and then if you have the time, you can do something in return......? :)

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      Aaaaaa I'd love that! And I completely get that- work and stuff takes a lot of time and is important, and there's absolutely no rush! But I'm excited to see your piece! Also, what would you like in return? :O

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        I will let you know once I take a look at your characters--then I can decide if it'll be a bust or full-body or what. It might wind up with a bonus chibi, because I like drawing chibis and sometimes draw them before a regular piece (to get a feel for a character)--so don't be surprised if you wind up with a bonus chibi. XD

        It's amazing how much of your day is taken up by a full-time job. wry laugh