Drawing Again! by The Incredible G

Lately, I've been feeling the desire to draw again. I think it;s due to a big change. I have started to get rid of my anti-depressants. It turns out that those were causing me to lose my energy as an artist, not to mention they started to become the reason I was depressed. Mostly, what those meds did was have me on a num, even keel the whole time. That - ironically enough - made me feel hopeless & listless. But I digress.

I realize that I've neglected my favourite pastime too much. I've managed to find a quiet spot during lunch at my job to sketch my brains out. Over the next while, I should have a couple coming. over the next while, with plans for more on the way. I also realised that I don't have to painstakingly digitalize a sketch for it not to be submitted. I mean, honestly... My sketches may be covered in pencil led, but they're still awesome :3 .

Happy New Year,
The Incredible G (Galaranth)

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Drawing Again!

The Incredible G

19 January 2019 at 19:08:25 MST

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