Shoutout to Postybirb by Yamavu

As you probably see I'm a little more active again here. This is in part thanks to Postybirb a cross site uploader for various artsites including this one. 

Since I'm not putting a link under every submission I make with it, I'm putting it here SPoF-style.

I'm using it with DeviantArt, FurAffinity and Weasyl and so far it worked out for me.

My Telegram channel, and through that also Twitter, FB, G+ (yes really)  and LiveJournal (yep that too) still remain the most updated channels, but on the galleries I try to reflect and explain things, if I happen to think of it.

Oh and yeah I'm trying to use Instagram too sometimes, but here I'm more for posting WiPs (gracefully taking photos of glaring screens or badly lit sketches) and cropped versions, so yeah .. quality content.👍

I'm happy for all comments and favs and read them all despite posting with a tool. 

Shoutout to Postybirb


28 December 2018 at 16:51:17 MST

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    :D It is indeed a very nice and helpful tool. Makes running a bunch of accounts more manageable, less copy/pasting and changing codes around to match each site.