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Holiday Schedule / Experimental Pieces / 2019 Outlook // by TwilightSaint


Brief Update / 21DEC2018 //
-Holiday Schedule (Art & Fursuiting)
-Experimental Pieces & Personal Art
-2019 Outlook

-Holiday Schedule (Art & Fursuiting)

Well shoot, it's been barely a month but it's about time to get my MFF Journal bumped back. I could go on about how it's been a busy month, etc etc, but I'm not the only one who has had lots to do this winter already so will save that dissertation in lieu of trying to make my Journal entries shorter and shorter.

Current outlook is that all commissions will be done prior to 25DEC. I have one piece left and anticipate finishing it at least within the next few days, extraneous circumstances depending. All other clients have received the links to their completed, full-resolution pieces. If, for some reason, your link isn't working, please let me know asap and I'll gen a new one!

Posting pieces is a bit backlogged - which is good! That means I've been productive ahead of schedule. - for the next few #FursuitFridays, a schedule which I'm still planning to keep as posting every Friday has been a good schedule for me for the past couple of years.

I may get in some fursuit adventures over the holiday period! If you're curious to follow those posts, my Twitter is your best bet for updates and photos:

A-piece-a-week still somehow not frequent enough for you? I post new content and exclusive WIPs & walkthroughs on my Patreon about every 1-2 days!

-Experimental Pieces & Personal Art

Following the holidays, I have some personal sketches that I'll see to finishing and also some practice and 'Experimental' styles that I've been wanting to try out for a hot minute. Some of these I may or may not post, (though folks on Patreon will still see 'em,) on my main art galleries depending on how much I like them or feel otherwise.

I also have some new characters and redesigns of old guys that I've been working on, and will finally be seeing to fruition with completed Ref Sheets. It's been a looooong time since I've done a Ref Sheet, so it'll be good to flex those muscles again, if only for one or two characters at a time.

Experimental pieces will be done with my personal characters so that I can develop the new styles and techniques more, and also so I'll have examples of potential commission openings for these new pieces in the future.

-2019 Outlook

I've received a good many questions already about when I'll be reopening for commissions next, and as always my best answer is to simply keep an eye on these Journal updates and Twitter posts, as I usually start ruminating about upcoming queues on Twitter before I hash out all the details in a bigger Journal.

At this time, I do not have a set timeframe in mind for when I will be reopening for commissions. However, once I do have plans for a commission opening, I will, of course, give some heads-up announcement posts and the like.

Future openings will likely include my 'Standard Commission' pieces, alongside a few slots for newer 'Experimental' pieces, at least those that I have personal-character-examples to show for. Just depends on my schedule. :>

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Frequently-Asked-Questions can be found in my 'Commission Terms of Service' visual guide, and 'Commission Info Tab' on FurAffinity, (also linked in the description of my visual guide.) Commission status can also be found directly on my profile page.

Can't find an answer to your question still? Feel free to Note me with your specific question if the answer cannot be found in one of the aforementioned sources.


Holiday Schedule / Experimental Pieces / 2019 Outlook //


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