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RIP Tumblr + News! by Zeta-Haru

So tumblr is dead D: If you followed me there you can switch to where I post new art as well. Also thanks for the 10K followers there!!

Imgur also deleted the whole thing, even though it was only accessible via direct link. Goodbye to the easy access Weekend comics URLs :( The portuguese translation of the comics is only available at my old patreon files for now and I have no clue where I should upload stuff and have the safety of it not being deleted again in the future.

Talking about Patreon: I'm trying this new format for myself where I make fanarts. It's still not working how I imagined, but I hope one day I can work with solely personal art with your support. For now I'll have to sell commissioned art along the year ;w;

I forgot to make a journal the day that I came out to my parents earlier this year. It was nice and I'm happy that they respect and still love me! It was much easier now that I'm independent and live far away but it was rewarding and made feel more secure in life.

Wrist condition is still not 100% but I experience zero pain now, only mild discomforts. I still have to manage the hands stamina daily, it can be annoying but I am learning to deal with it. I also grew to be more patient and comprehensive in this journey. Our relationship got much better and I'm always amazed at how we keep evolving even when we think we've reached a peak. We can go through obstacles more easily when we have gone through many others before.

I'm also learning to avoid making promises or talking about art plans with people, because that makes me very anxious when I think of making arts. I would like this place in mind to be the most comfortable. Art exists for us to express ourselves and I've been neglecting myself of this right.

I don't know what's happening next year but I'm thankful that you all are still with me and enjoy what I make or made one day.

Oh and there's a funny overwatch compilation I made from a year of saved clips:

I guess that's it! Happy holidays to everyone :3

RIP Tumblr + News!


8 December 2018 at 18:50:33 MST

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