The Tumblr Purge and where to find me by Boiler3


A social networking and art posting party-zone that in it's hayday was a love letter to artists and creators, seems to be going the way of all good things, and following the money.

as of December 17th, no adult content will be allowed. what's worse, the algorithm seems to be so shit, that art is just getting flagged at random.

I plan to continue to post my regular stuff on it, but for the most part, I I'll be re-activating and posting to all the accounts which I've let lie fallow these past several years (mostly because tumblr was just so damn convenient!)

And I'll still be posting to tumblr at untill the ship well and truly sinks. the biggest tradgedy of all this is how much tumblr put all the art i wanted to see on a daily basis right there in an easy to use dashboard. that will be missed. Also, to those wishing to back up their favorites or any other tumblr they adore, i tested this out last night, and it works wonders (downloaded 4 gigs worth of likes!)

To the tumblr crowd, thanks for re-posting your migration status. I think for everyone, our biggest fear is losing track of artists we admire.

I'll primarily post to twitter, deviantart and furafinity, but if postybirb seems to work for me, I may be hitting all simultaneously.

Finally, I will be setting up a patreon and ko-fi in the coming months, no big rewards or tiers to start, basically a tip jar and some fun stuff one I plan it out better.

For better or for worse, a single web-sight going down (even if it was, despite it's flaws, one of the best) isn't going to stop me or anyone else from drawing, animating or creating what we love, be it safe for work, or filthy as heck.

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The Tumblr Purge and where to find me


6 December 2018 at 11:04:52 MST

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    Welcome back to.... everywhere I guess?? XD