This update is so late because September sucked so much by Kyrugii

Going to start off with the story cue.

KingDead, one story as a reward for allowing the use of his character in a Jeremy cameo. And no I didn’t have to bribe him, he is a hero after all.

Patreon supporters;

Dragonen, two stories, waiting on idea.

TrixtyTrixter, two stories. Working on one and waiting on the idea for the second.

E Ash, two stories, waiting on ideas.

Giza, one story, waiting on idea.

NeoPuc, three stories, waiting on ideas.

Jakabe, four stories, waiting on ideas.

So yeah, I’m way behind on deliveries. At least thats what I have as far as what I owe everyone. If I missed on of you lot please remind me, and if you’ve given me an idea for your story remind me of that too.

With that out of the way on to why September sucked.

I’ve been following a number of comics. Last month two of my favorites came to an end. They were good when they were in progress, but the way they came to an end made the constant waiting so worthwhile. I don’t normally recommend much but in this case I feel the need to share.

The first started more than ten years ago. The artist has progressed in skill a great deal in the process of telling the story so the early years are a bit rough. Stay with it though, the payoff is as I’ve said well worth it. Some of you may have come across it. The title is Shades Of Grey. Heres a link to the first page

The second started only three years ago and the artist is already somewhat accomplished. I’d be surprised if none of you have come across this one. In Our Shadow is on Tapas but I don’t think you need to have an account there to take a look;

So, as if these two coming to an end wasn’t enough another went on hiatus. This would be a good time to catch up with it so I’m adding it to the list. Its also well worth the read. Endtown;

This update is so late because September sucked so much


10 October 2018 at 23:53:07 MDT

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