Cue family drama...following more loss... by InfinityForever

So, October has been an eventful month for me just at the beginning. On Monday, October 1st I was informed that my last surviving grandparent, my mom's own mother, was in the ICU. I currently live in Maryland with my brother and mother, but I was born in New Hampshire where my grandma lived and one of my uncles lived with her to help take care of things around the house. I've been compared to that same uncle recently because like myself he dropped any social life to help around the house, but there are some differences that I just won't go into. If anyone read my previous journal you should be able to figure out why I don't bother going out or anything like that.

Anyway that night we packed as quickly as possible and rushed up in the new car my brother got with our mom's help and took the family dog with us on her longest trip ever. I didn't think to pack a computer as I wasn't sure how long we'd be up there, and due to the very last minute we weren't able to find a place to stay for the last couple of days we were up there. Staying at my grandma's wasn't an option for my brother because my uncle has four cats and my brother is VERY allergic to cats. We got up to New Hampshire about 6 or so in the morning, since over all it's anywhere from an 8 to 10 hour drive dependant on traffic and other variables. In our case there was a LOT of road work being done on our way up which sufficiently slowed travel but all the bright floodlights made sure no one fell asleep as we travelled.

When we got up there we tried to book a room and found most places were pretty booked up, but was able to get a four night stay at a local Motel 6 for Tuesday night until Saturday at 11 AM checkout. However my mom planned on staying their longer, until my brother said he had to be back to work on Wednesday, October 10th and wanted at least a day worth of rest before going back to work so the latest we could thus stay was Monday night. This upset my mom a little but we dealt with it and had to figure out where my brother could at least stay on the last two nights. There was nothing else available, apparently some convention was happening that weekend and everything close was all booked up so we ended up having no choice but to stay at my grandma's place those last two nights which made my brother miserable.

Anyway I skipped ahead there, mind has been kind of a blur because so much happened. As we were heading up other family was either driving or flying in as well, just about all the family on my mother's side apart from my oldest cousin and even I don't know why he never showed. We went to the hospital on Tuesday night only to see my grandma was sedated and thus unconscious and unable to respond to anyone but otherwise seemed to be doing well, which made my mom happy. However the next day we learned that when she was checked in they didn't immediately catch on that she suffered a heart attack and that there was some severe damage. Wednesday morning we heard she was really not doing well and rushed to the hospital as soon as possible only to find that the room was all dark and quiet. I immediately noticed nothing was plugged in anymore to which got my mom freaking out when I went to look for a nurse. The nurse then told us that she had passed about an half an hour before we got there. Following that we called my aunt and uncle to let them know, and my aunt replied "Oh yeah I know already, I thought you knew" I wanted to scream at her, my sadness had immediately turned to anger because she was one of the first people we called when we found out but she didn't think to have the same common courtesy to call us to let us know and instead have us find out in a traumatizing way to my mother. It hasn't even been two years since my mom lost her husband, my step-dad and now my mom is officially an orphan because her father died when I was really young. My anger towards my aunt only got fuel to the fire when she replied with things like "should of gotten there faster" as if we didn't try.

There's also another uncle of mine my mom's baby brother to which my aunt was totally ignoring because of what his wife did to my grandma. I mean I hate the woman as most of the family but it got to the point that when that same uncle drove past the house, he yelled and cursed at my mom like it was all her idea when it was clearly my aunt, so of course drama ensued over this and apparently my aunt loves to push people's buttons because I found myself pulling myself away from punching her in the jaw quite a few times to what she said to me, my brother, or my mother. She literally made my mom cry twice, even so far as blaming her for not being around sooner when we have been trying to deal with stuff from my step-dad's death as well. So once I figure out how to legally disown someone, my aunt is first on that list cause she clearly doesn't actually care.

To add to all of this, I watched my aunt's youngest daughter's kids for a little bit, not realizing they were sick so of course I got sick followed by my mom and brother so we're all currently miserable. Since I take so much after my mom with two allergies already I don't dare try getting a flu shot because my mom is allergic to them and knowing my luck I am too but I also have no health insurance to risk it anyway.

So, I'll try a more tl;dr version here: Rushed up to New Hampshire due to gradma's failing health, grandma passed away the following day we arrived, and aunt just caused a bunch of drama with the rest of the family while we were up there surrounding my grandma's death, almost as if trying to make it all about her.

Cue family drama...following more loss...


10 October 2018 at 18:38:50 MDT

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