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2019 Art Calendars / Opening 24SEP! // by TwilightSaint


Hey y'all! Just a heads up that again, as part of a several-years-running tradition, I will be opening for 2019 Artwork & Fursuiting calendars!

*In a Nutshell!
-Artwork & Fursuiting Calendars opening MONDAY, 24SEP!
-Both Artwork & Fursuit Calendars available
-No limit to how many can be ordered per household
-Opening journal will include how-to-order info
-Opening journal will include example order form!
-Orders will only be open for a LIMITED TIME!

Like last year, I will be open for BOTH Artwork- & Fursuiting-specific calendars! Artwork calendars will feature a collection of pieces throughout 2018 to date. Fursuit calendars will showcase some different fursuits from photoshoots on beautiful scenic locations. Both Artwork & Fursuit calendars are printed on high-quality, heavyweight paper, and each piece & photo are handpicked to showcase variety and composition within the bounds of the calendar canvas.

Orders will be taken via FurAffinity Journal comments, & also Private Messages, (DMs, Notes,) from other sites & social media! Thanks in advance to anyone who is interested!

Questions, comments, concerns? Comment here or Note me!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

2019 Art Calendars / Opening 24SEP! //