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(warning! Adventure Time spoilers ahead)

A few nights ago I got to watch series finale of Adventure Time with my family, and it was, and IS, one of my favorite cartoons ever, hands down. I remember when it was still pretty new I was neutral to it, Cartoon Network had a habit of making dumb ads that only showed the wacky hi-jinks or catch phrases from its cartoons, and I hadn't had time to see many episodes. I couldn't remember the characters names so I called them "Adventure boy and spaghetti dog". But eventually I started watching episodes when they were on (and around the same time, I was other at the Brenards house (a family I was friends with as a kid/teen), watching Brandon play the adorable "Jumping Finn" game), I remember the first ones that made me start to adore the character of Finn were "Tree Trunks" and "The Jiggler". It was incredibly endearing and relatable to see him worry, sometimes even freak out, at the thought of not being able to protect or take good care of someone else. Then with "Holly Jolly Secrets" the show took an even more serious and emotional turn, seeing the sad story of The Ice King. The show just kept getting better from there, a roller coaster of cuteness, beautiful visuals, lovable and hilarious characters, wonderful music, moments both heartwarming and heartbreaking, philosophical musings, and of course an increasingly progressive attitude on gender and lgbt themes...

After I moved away my little sister sent me a little printed-out image of Finn the human and she wrote on the back "I know you love Finn, he is very nice like you". Finn is indeed a very special character to me, that I've been growing up with for the last 8 years.
I admire his passion about making life a big adventure, always laughing and having fun with everything.
I admire his hero heart, bravely standing up to evil and bullies, and helping those in need.
and I can sympathize with some of his pain...I may have never accidentally killed a cursed plant version of myself, but I have done things that were very selfish and hurtful, things I feel so bad about I have to keep them in a "vault" just to function day-to-day and be able to take care of the family and friends that I'm fortunate enough to have now..
The scenes where Finn and Flame Princess are talking in the episode "Bun Bun" are a great example of how Finn grows up and accepts responsibility for his past actions as the series progresses.

I can't give enough thanks to Pendleton Ward, Rebecca Sugar, and the whole rest of the Adventure Time crew for bringing this wonderful cartoon to life and brightening my world with it. Most Adventure time episodes can get me feeling very serene and calm, it's like a beautiful dream world. I've heard that the comics will continue the story of everyone, so now I really want to start collecting those. I haven't seriously committed to collecting any long-running comic series I collected Sonic comics as a teen, and perhaps now would be a good time to start doing so again.

The finale song sequence, for your viewing pleasure...

Come along with me...


14 September 2018 at 00:01:43 MDT

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