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!NOT OPEN! - - Requests - Terms of Service (ToS) by Pheanir

This is a little guideline to show you how I handle requests.
If you are interested in requesting me to draw something for you, please read this journal carefully. Otherwise I will most likely turn your request down; I will neither discuss details in this journal's comment section nor on my profile page.

Please note that by requesting me to draw something for you, you accept my terms of service!

When requesting me, be clear about what you want.
I also ask you to include pictures for references. I won't spend (wasted) time on searching for proper references; if I have to, I might turn down your request because of it.

I am willing to draw original characters or fanart.
I accept nsfw and sfw requests.
I will draw in my own style, mainly anthropomorphic.

I will draw requests as simple sketches. Since it's not a commission, I would charge a little fee for coloring (shading, lighting) them.
However, if the theme appeals to me, I may color or shade pictures. ;)

Usually I will try to finish requests quickly.

I will set my personal tag somewhere on the picture.

I won't draw:

- more than 2 characters per image
- more than one picture per requester at a time
- too detailed characters (e.g. lots of layers, scales, armor, spikes, wings, veins, etc.)
- transformation sequences
- feral characters
- diapers, scat, urine, watersports, farts etc.
- children, toddlers or very youthful characters in any kind of harmful or sexual content
- certain species (humans, xenomorphs, horses/MLP; additions might come in the future)
- strong violence and everything "above" that
- gore, intestines, death, serious harm

Things I like drawing:

- male characters
- anthro characters
- imps or impish creatures
- "twunks" (athletic, lean/thin, more submissive guys)
- certain species (lizards, sharks, pokémorphs)

If you wish to stay anonymous when I upload the finished picture, please tell me so in the beginning. Otherwise I'll mention your name in the description on the site where you requested me - I won't put your username on any other site.

I take the right to post, distribute and/or share the final product on any website or platform I want, in order to increase my personal portfolio.

I will turn down a request at any point before, during or after working on it if I feel it is inappropriate for me for any reason. Please keep in mind that it's a request and not a paid commission!

I will also block frequent "harassers" or people who simply cannot behave for any future correspondence of any kind.

I will take the freedom to add or delete particular parts of these terms of service or the drawings lists, so please keep an eye out for changes. I will try my best to announce major changes in the future.

As mentioned above, I'll use these terms of service to make things easier for you as a requester and for me so I can provide you with what you actually want.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might causes. I love to improve myself and making people happy is a really nice feeling, but I also have to set limits.

If you are interested in requesting me, feel free to send me a note. =)

!NOT OPEN! - - Requests - Terms of Service (ToS)


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    Ik this is like.... almost one years old? But can you draw me Pete (From Disney not Peter pan) with my oc Laurie? She has long hair up to her hips, she is half cat and human, she is short like 4'2.

    I would like them sharing a kiss underneath the night sky, for Laurie's outfit can you make her wear a purple dress (short) and some purple heels? For Pete, his outfit would be like in the littler mermaid (Like with the prince wearing that white men shirt with the pants or something?)

    Thank you and take your time. :)

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      I appreciate your interest in requesting me, but I don't take requests anymore. It's also in my profile information here. =/