Hi there, I'm Pheanir and welcome to my profile page! ♪

I like to draw, compose music and browse around the web.
When I draw, it's usually anthro/furry stuff, with a lot of imps squeezed in. It's mostly gonna be male/gay stuff, sfw and nsfw. It would be my dream to make a career out of my creative hobbies. ♥

Also, I'm always open to chat and meet new people. As long as you're not a "creep", don't be afraid to say hi. =)

I don't take requests, so please don't ask me about that.

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Thinking about leaving Weasyl

on 6 May 2020 at 05:10:34 MDT

To cut straight to it: I am considering to close my account here on Weasyl.

I am obviously not appealing to its audience. I know my "content" is very uncommon and not a lot of people would actually take a look at it. That's why I want to thank everyone who has and even follows me here. That said, I always felt kinda out of place here on Weasyl to be honest.

However, I also post my drawings on other websites which have a muuuch bigger audience in general. Taking a look at Weasyl's overall traffic stats (which you can easily google), I think it's a very good idea for me to leave. Because: the less people there are on this website in general, the smaller is my chance to have people notice what I create - and enjoy it, as a matter of fact.

If I decide to actually close my account here I'm not gonna write a journal about it. I will just "rip it off like a band-aid" and delete it for good; or just not use it anymore. Just fyi, it's veeery likely that this is gonna happen.

For anybody who would still be interested in looking at what I create, you can find me on


That's all for now.

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Of course, if there is still something unclear or if you'd like to ask me something, you can always write me a direct message. ;)


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