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my name is Pheanir. I like to draw, play video games and compose video-game-ish music.

I mostly watch artists I like and upload some stuff myself occasionally.
Also, I'm kinda shy, but that doesn't mean I don't like to socialize. =)

For information about requests and open slots please check my journal entry:
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Terms of Service (ToS) for requests + open slots

on 30 August 2018 at 16:27:45 MDT

I know that "terms of service" for requests can sound a bit intimidating and strange. However, I figured it's only fair to provide possible requesters with some information about how I will handle requests.

I will work on at most 2 requests at a time. Since I draw in my spare time - and not professionally - it would otherwise take incredibly long for me to finish them. This would be unfair to any requester and for me as well, it's just pure stress and causes unnecessary irritation. (Usually I finish requests in about 4-8 days, but sadly I cannot guarantee to always be that quick.)


  1. ~open~

I usually re-open a slot after I finished a request. When I mark a slot as "closed", I will not accept any more requests besided the ones I am currently working on or besides the slots that are open.
Sometimes I won't be open for requests at all, especially when I have a lot of other things going on.

Please keep your requests simple. I still have a lot to learn, so I cannot provide you with a lot of things you might like to see drawn.
I draw original characters or fanart in an anthro (and my own) style. When you request me, please include pictures for references. Written references are barely enough, can be very confusing and I might understand something differently than you intended me to. Also, it helps me a lot to provide a clear instruction about what you want to request; I don't want to spend half of the time looking for proper references myself.
I will usually set my personal tag somewhere on the picture. If you wish to stay anonymous when I upload the finished picture, please tell me so. Otherwise I'll mention your name in the description on the site where you requested me - I won't put your username on any other site.

Please avoid sending me text walls, being unfriendly and/or childish, trolling me or spamming my inbox with messages. Also, pestering about a request won't help either and it might causes me to cancel your request.

I accpet sfw or nsfw requests ("safe for work" or "not safe for work").
To give you a little guideline, here is a list of things that I am not eager to draw and/or won't draw, which I will update if the occassion arises:

Not eager to draw:

  • female characters (I'm just not that fond of drawing female characters...)
  • drugs, excessive consumption
  • alcohol abuse
  • non-anthro characters
  • certain species: humans, horses, wolves, "xenomorphs" (might get updated now and then)
  • inflation (most likely "won't" draw)
  • MLP and related content
  • excessive proportions or hyper

What I definitely won't draw:

  • groups of characters >2
  • more than one picture per requester at a time
  • too detailed characters (e.g. lots of layers, scales, armor, spikes, wings etc.)
  • transformation sequences
  • diapers, scat, urine, watersports
  • children, toddlers or very youthful characters in any kind of harmful or sexual content
  • strong violence and everything "above" that
  • gore, blood (depends), intestines, death, serious harm

By requesting me to draw something for you, you accept these terms of service. I will also have the right to post, distribute and/or share the final product on any website or platform I want, in order to increase my personal portfolio; this, though, only applies as long as I do not explicitly state anything else in the final products description.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might causes. Drawing is (still) a hobby of mine and I cannot spend as much time on it as I would like to. I love to improve myself and making people happy is a really nice feeling, but I also have my limits.
I will take the freedom to turn down any request that I feel is inappropriate for me at any point before, during or after working on it - please keep in mind that it's a request and not a paid commission! I will also not shy away from blocking frequent "harassers" or people who simply cannot behave for any future correspondence of any kind.
As mentioned above, I'll use these terms of service to make things easier for you as a requester and for me so I can provide you with what you actually want. =)

So, if you are interested in requesting me - given there is a slot open - feel free to send me a note.

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