🌱Profile Layout Edit: i edited things visually by Uluri

My Edits to the Site: https://imgur.com/a/49VF81h

I didn't do much other than shrink some things and move the boarder of other things to make sure that the layout still looks like weasyl. I do actually like the site's overall design and colors after all. I just think some parts of it are a bit detriments.

  1. LOTS of visuals are too big for my profile. I can't see any of my stuff without scrolling things are so big, and I also know many other artists have larger sized art files. I shrunk both the top rows that show first on your screen so that 2 of them can be shown at once fully, and shrunk the "Newest" image because I can't see anyone's artwork it being all magnifying glass. THe newest art really needs a max size limiter to not plaster an entire image like it's a background for the site. Folders also got shrunk. I like being able to scroll to shouts faster.

  2. I hate that journals are hard to see. Those are important so I put it above the "contacts section" and gave it some breaker lines to separate it from the other sections.

  3. I made the Profile info section larger because I think it's super cramped. I is a profile after all, so I'd expect this info to be displayed nicely and not be crushed by art. Some important info is written there most times.

Have a nice day. i hope others like these edits. :3 They're small but I think they look much much nicer on my screen. More convenient and helpful to me.

PS: I noticed that Journals don't have a breakoff point and simply display the whole journal in full. This might be Detrimental for scrolling to bottom as well

Uluri suggests that there should be a "Read More" for journals as some folks certainly can make some rather long journal entries. I don't even like how long mine is on my profile already
. This quoted area looks like a good size for...

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🌱Profile Layout Edit: i edited things visually


19 August 2018 at 13:53:55 MDT

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