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▲🌱 I had a dream with water and animals by Uluri

Disclaimer: This is a Dream rather than a story. I like documenting really long dreams.

So, I remember I was in a school, and the question I was asked was "What would you want to buy there?" referring to the place we were going, and everyone had some pretty extravagant things on their list. Here I am going "I dunno" because I seriously never do. They tell me "You have a $500 spend limit." My mind's all like "whaaat? WHy would I need that much!?"

So we go to some outdoor place and my dream keeps flipping the area between huge forest and the inside of a house. Dunno why. Through teh forest section we see a MASS ton of baby animals. There were Moose, canines of all sorts, deer, other hooved animals, and all that. How suspicious.

Further up we all get out of our... travel device I I never saw anything we were in but we were in a vehicle the whole time, and I'm handed an inner tube. I had to ask, "why the inner tube?" and was responded with "put it on, it'll happen soon." SO i do and all I hear if LOUD GRINDING AND WHINING followed by a flippin huge rush and wave of water! The terrain turns back into a house as it happens, the water comes in real painful-like and then recedes back really hard pushing us against the front walls.

At this point I was really mad at everyone for doing such a thing. I walked into the next room which was a hallways with doors up the left side. I see a small shadow under the furst and a glimpse of white and yellow? Decided to go into that one because animals, and they seemed small. WELL, there was 3 of them, 3 tiny little fox things about the size of a cat. One was almost all white with very small patches of a bright yellow in it's neck and on it's head. Another was a black and white marble pattern. The third was a pale yellow/orange with a white underbelly. I wanted to pick them up so bad.

That's what I did, though. I picked up Marble and he flooped right out my arms. I'm going to detail these guys more. They had ears shorter than a fennecs and often kept them pretty upwards in location. There body was petite, but they had quite the fur on them. Their tails were quite short for what you'd expect from a fluffy fox thing.

Someone walks into the room, "Do you want one of these guys?" YES yes I want one! I want either the yellow spot one or the yellow-orange one, because marble didn't like me. "$700 for one them."


▲🌱 I had a dream with water and animals


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