Help!! I need opinions!! by sinisternoodles

So I showed my character lumen to my friend and she said I should make a species out of it. But I don't feel like I should because she was heavily inspired by protogens/primagens and I don't wanna feel like a copycat.

So what do you guys think??

Help!! I need opinions!!


22 July 2018 at 11:13:01 MDT

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    I went and looked at the species you mentioned and really, i think they look different enough from lumen, but if it concerns you then you can develop it further and try messing around with other characteristics and body shapes.

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    I agree with daRinq.

    You should be fine but if you are worried continue to develop it.

    Develop the lore of the species to the things that make the species what it is.

    Pocari did a video on Species if you want to take a look

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    There's nothing wrong with inspiration, and I think that Lumen doesn't even look much like a protogen. Besides, you have to remember that the person who made protogens and primagens wasn't the first person to think of a cyborg dog lookin' thing anyway.
    To be honest, I think you should make some changes if you plan on making it a species, not because it looks like a protogen but because I think it could have some more going on for it. I don't think you should make it complicated and hard to understand but some more defining details would be nice, since you want something unique for a species and the design is kind of simple right now.

    If you do make some changes then I suggest writing up some backstory for the species and then using that as inspiration for things to add or change about the species.
    That or, you don't have to change anything about its' appearance and instead come up with special traits that apply to its' appearance. Example: It can extend its' arms/legs, its' screen can flash text as a way of communicating.. etc. Stuff like that to make it stand out.

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      Great idea! Thank you!

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      Also, I just realized how long of a comment that is, sorry for a chapter book lol.

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    I think It would make a great species

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    While I think it would be a great species, I see a lot of similar screen faces characters so you may what to add something to make it unique. Also I have an original species too! They are really fun to make!