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Current Stuff :D by Zeta-Haru

Mytigertail is currently with a YCH auction! A lovely beach boy!

What's up everybody, writing a journal telling how things are doing!

How are you doing lately? I am doing fine but I've struggling a bit dealing with myself. I am able to use my wrist much more after physiotherapy, but the amount of breaks I have to make can get frustrating at times.
I'm making sure that I'm not pushing myself too hard, but it's been difficult. I try to make wrist exercises three times per week and they help. I just wish I could skip to 2019 and be much better already xD

I'm also having a difficult time dealing with my mind after the past semester. I don't know what held me from becoming insane. There is this thing called "fast thinking syndrome" and I might have been dealing with it my whole life unaware. Makes your thought process way too fast and messy in a way that you can't even feel you're living in the present. I haven't checked with a doctor yet but it would definitely make sense if I had this. It would explain my sleep issues, stuttering in speech and how I see my whole life basically :s Would explain the tendency of pushing myself too hard just to attend my mind satisfactions daily. Because most of the time I feel like a robot and that I'm losing my own life events... It's complicated.

Hmm. Recently I tried out Netflix and it's actually my first time using it! Me and Gabe were fascinated. So far I've watched Aggretsuko and Guntz:O. If anyone has any recommendations there please tell us <3

And for the past month I was using my Cintiq13HD for making art but after some time I realized that the new pen was heavier than my previous one, so I ended up going back to the Wacom Bamboo on my lap, a more comfortable angle to work and increased work time! We might sell eventually ;w;

I still have 4 commissions to finish and I couldn't hold myself from drawing some Weekend 2 arts in between ;W; I think this was part of the process of not going insane.

I'm also sharing Leilani's Patreon:
She interviewed me back in 2015 on Sofurry and I'm very thankful for that :3

Thank you for reading, and as always see you next time!

Current Stuff :D


26 June 2018 at 23:39:55 MDT

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    Netflix suggestion?
    BOJACK HORSEMAN. Just... be prepared for a depressing ride. But... What an amazing ride. And Season 5 was announced to be coming out on Sept 14, so there's no better time to start watching!
    Mike Tyson Mysteries. It's stupid. Like... really, really dumb. But while being dumb, it's got that "genius" feel to it. Like an idiot savant or something. Or a train wreck in slow-motion. Either way, you can't stop watching it.
    Son of Zorn. While the premise is unusual (He-Man-like world exists and people there are animated, and a woman from "the real world" dated Zorn, the main hero of that animated world, and they have a son) and the series starts slowly, it does get very interesting and weird. Fish-out-of-water kind of show. Unusual, but funny.
    Both Bob Ross compilations. About 40 episodes of "The joy of painting" recorded live by the inimitable Bob Ross. He's relaxing and watching him work is breathtaking.
    Galavant. If you're into musical comedies. Only 2 seasons, but oh so worth it.
    Knights of Cydonia is also really interesting, though the 3D anime style gets getting used to. Unfortunately, only one season and no news if they will continue it...
    Ascension. Canadian short series that ends abruptly as well, but... Holy crap. It's utterly brilliant.

    Those are pretty much all series/miniseries. Dunno what kind of movies you would like, so I'll refrain from that list.