The ol’ con questionnaire, Anthrocon 2018 edition by CCritt93

Where are you staying?
At the Westin.

When will you arrive?
Wednesday, midafternoon.

How long will you stay?
Until Monday morning.

How will you travel to/from the convention?
By steer—er, by Steer. It’s a day-and-a-half drive each way.

Who are you rooming with?
This year I’m rooming with Skirtandzy Skirtandzy, DJ Whitetail, and Sultz Z. Wolf.

Who will you hang out with during the convention?
Hmmm. I haven’t really been the hanging-out type lately. I probably should work on that.

Where will you be most of the time during the convention?
Probably either bed or panels. Speaking of which . . .

Which panels and events do you plan to attend?
These. Subject to change, of course. This year I’m putting on Furry Language and assisting with Fursuit Price Is Right.

Are you doing anything in keeping with the convention’s theme?
Half of the scheduled material in Furry Language is about movie monsters. And in preparation for a future game, my boss BarkWoofson BarkWoofson has sent me some flyers.

Will you suit up? If so, does your character talk?
Not suiting, but I may do some toonbounding in Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole kits cobbled together from thriftstore finds.

Will you perform?
At minimum I plan to unleash my inner Johnny Olson. Maybe even Rod Roddy.

Will you go to parties?
If the Thursday dinner at Buca di Beppo counts, then yes.

Night owl or early bird?
Early bird.

Do you drink?

Do you smoke?

What/where will you eat?
Like at previous cons, I plan to bring sandwich fixin’s, donuts, soda, and Tang. In addition to Buca di Beppo, I plan to visit a few of the neighborhood restaurants if the schedule allows.

Can I come with you for food, fun, etc.?
Well, I still don’t know the place that well, so if you don’t mind being led astray or nommin’ on salami . . .

What is the best way to contact you?
Generally, by note here or by Twitter DM. A few people have my email or my cell number for voice or text.

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
If a wave or a “Hi, CC” doesn’t do the trick, a Pythonesque silly walk usually will. As a last resort, flash some sideknuckle.

What do you look like?
Somewhat doughy (~220 lb) with salt-and-pepper hair and a “cookie duster.” A yellow Boatmen’s Bank Super Set ballcap will be either on my head or attached to a front right belt loop.

How tall are you?
6’2” (188 cm).

How old are you?

What is your gender?
Note again the cookie duster. Also, the wiring matches the plumbing.

Are you taken? Are you looking for a mate?
Currently I operate under the delusion that I am somebody’s husband, but I don’t know whose and I’ve run out of guesses and I ain’t got amnesia. If by some improbable happenstance you know her—or even more miraculously, are her . . .

Can I talk to you?
Of course. I’m not usually the sort to initiate contact, but please don’t let that stop you.

Can I touch you?
Only if you’ve had all your shots.

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Hugs are okay from folks I “know”; three-second rule, please. Snuggles and cuddles I’m gonna have to closely reserve.

Can I dance with you?
Only if Mrs. Critterden approves.

Can I visit your room?
Again, if I “know” you. Just gimme a heads-up, ’kay?, so I can run it by my roommates. And I promise to do the same if I want to visit your room.

Can I buy you drinks?
Nothing stronger than a sarsaparilla, if’n ya don’t mind.

Can I give you stuff?
As long as I don’t have to take medicine for it.

Can I stalk you?
Ask in advance and I’ll think about it.

Can I take your picture?
Who, me? Well, I don’t expect to do anything particularly photogenic, but hey, it’s your battery.

What (else) should I not do around you?
As long as you’re within the convention’s code of conduct, I doubt that I’ll object. I knew the job was dangerous when I took it.

Are you nice?
I’ll go ahead and say no here and strive to prove otherwise there.

Are you cliquey?
I’ll go ahead and say no here and strive to pr—er, um, just no.

Do you have art in the art show?

Do you have an item in the charity auction?

Do you have an artist table?

Do you do free art?

Do you do trades?

Do you do badges?

Do you do commissions?

Do you have a sketchbook?

Can I look in your sketchbook?
Maybe, once I actually, y’know, have a sketchbook.

Can I draw in your sketchbook?
I refer the honourable reader to the reply I gave some moments ago.

How many conventions have you attended?
This will be my (gulp!) eleventh convention overall, and the first of a planned two this year.

Might I find you at other upcoming conventions?
In December, Midwest FurFest. Next year, MFF and Megaplex . . . and hopefully either Texas Furry Fiesta or Fur Squared.

What are your goals for the convention this year?
To meet in person even more of the awesome people I’ve known up to now only as collections of dots on a screen and vibrations in headphones. To continue to test social skills, establish and strengthen connections, and chip away further at the ol’ shell. To put on smooth, fun, entertaining games and identify areas to improve for next time. To attract enough participants to get that other project rolling toward conworthiness. To cause some in attendance to laugh, smile, or just scratch their heads. To go home reasonably healthy, richer in inspiration and motivation, and inclined to come back for more.

The ol’ con questionnaire, Anthrocon 2018 edition


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