June 2018 Update by SilverSheep

To start out on this June update with news about Braxton. I've paid off Braxton and he has been scheduled for 2019. I've always had a "when it's done" attitude with art and creative projects so I'm not going to be impatient with my maker. I'm looking forward to seeing Braxton as a suit but in the meantime, I will have to commission more art for him.

I have purchased a new character that I've named Wenzel Bardawulf. He is a grey wolf with a green Mohawk and green eyes. He has a chest tuft and a bit of a treasure tail going on. He has green claws and light pink paw pads. I have some things in mind for him. I'm thinking he could be Braxton's boyfriend. I've commisioned an artist named KwiK to do a new ref sheet for him. I have ideas for off the wall stuff with this wolf. He is a bit of a punk with his green Mohawk but I would say he is more of a dancer or raver.

I didn't think I would be one of those furs that would have many characters but when I saw his design I had to buy him. I still have Silver Sheep as my fursona. Both Braxton and Wenzel Bardawulf are original characters. I've been having fun role-playing as Braxton on his after dark Twitter account. I can really get into his head. I have even made an audio cocktail tutorial as Braxton. Braxton represents the repressed gayness that I've kept locked in the closet for 29 years. Silver Sheep is my fursona because he represents who I am in life. A dude who has steel wool armour keeping people away. Who does what is expected of him following the herd.

Sorry not sorry for adding more canids into the mix but I do relate to canine characters heaps. I'll have to make sure next time I feel the urge to make a new character to make it another sheep. Oh, I decided that I'm going to NeonFur this year. Many people are on the fence about it but with NeonFur the only other convention I would consider attending it made it a yes in my book. That's in October so I have enough time to save for it too. I hope to see you there.

June 2018 Update


7 June 2018 at 03:31:49 MDT

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