I dreamed about a deeply suffering psychotic by GuzzleMuzzle

I dreamt about a non-hostile person suffering extremely from psychosis. To emphasize, I mean they were suffering "to the furthest extent", unless the furthest extent of suffering from psychosis would imply doing harm to someone else. They didn't harm anyone.

To my own detriment, I had quite a lot of sugar intake the other day - three small plastic cups of soda (at a party), a slice of cake, some noodle salad, some ginger ale at home, and some Hawaiian Punch lemonade at home. It may have influenced this dream.

Also, in consideration of the transgender folks viewing this post, I'll refer to this character as "they". There was an element of transition about them, but it wasn't exactly on the same terms that trans folks refer to when noting that they're transitioning.


The brunt of this dream entailed me following someone who was a guest in my house. Worth noting is, my house was much larger in the dream than it is in reality.

There was a video stream online, and I attended. I made a few remarks in the chat of the stream. I don't remember the nature of the remarks well. I was defending a franchise I like from the streamer, who disliked it. At one point, they banned someone from the stream. I reluctantly asked them if I was in trouble, and they noted that I was on their "'to ban' list".

There was a point where the same person streaming was a visitor of my home.

They were very spastic, often making very sudden movements. They were highly upset about something, or a number of things. They were a very talented, intelligent, and whimsical individual. Some of what slowly took place showed them to be upset, some showed them to be very clever, some showed them to have a sense of humor, and some showed them to have a devious side, yet one that never crossed over into blatantly intentional hostility. They practiced shape shifting through extensive makeup, revealing different faces, skin tones, and bodily composure. They would often make random remarks seeming born of deep-seated feelings and opinions on extremely specific things.

Their actions suggested that they loathed me, yet didn't particularly dislike me.

They were very unique.




This dream didn't end on any particularly high nor low note. It just featured a very disturbed person.

I wanted to do this post more justice, but I just woke up, and I'm very tired.

To give it great emphasis, imagine a comic book psychotic like The Joker or Cleetus Cassidy, yet without the hostility. A harmless person who clearly needed very, very specific things or notions satisfied in order for them to cope in a calm manner.


I happened upon a hauntingly beautiful photo of a forest on my Windows 10 lock screen this morning. You can look at it here: https://spotlight.it-notes.ru/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/3baf34b062272a8991a404a815671122.jpg

I dreamed about a deeply suffering psychotic


21 May 2018 at 06:02:45 MDT

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