The day I found the Furry Fandom. by BlueKittyTales

The coveted milestone has arrived.

Ten years have passed. And I remember the night I first discovered who the Furry Fandom were and my decision to leap in. The moment I found that piece of knowledge, I realised just how much I had in common with what the Fandom is. Almost one third of my life has been spent here, and so much has happened during that time. As I've aged, my outlook on my life has changed. Whereas previously I would hide myself away out of my own fear as a result of what others had done to me, I now seek to get further recognition in this Fandom and get my literature out there. I feel I'm a very different person from who I was when I first entered, and what I've made certainly shows that.

While I am by no means a perfect writer (though I would love to be someday), I don't think I would have got where I am now if it wasn't for finding the Fandom all those years ago. I was nearing my very lowest point at the time of finding it. At first, it began as an escape from a home life that was fraught with conflict. But it took only one week to form my desire to begin writing stories and poetry and get involved in roleplaying. While I turned my back on roleplaying nearly five years ago, my enjoyment and appreciation of writing has never faded. I begun attending conventions two years ago, and my love for them has become strong enough that I'd call it an addiction. I'm now the proud owner of three Fursuits, and can hardly wait to show off the one of Gemma at this year's ConFuzzled.

Having jumped straight into the Fandom immediately after finding it, I have never known what's like to view it from an outsider's point of view. Perhaps one of you can provide an insight for me, as I know we have our many quirks. In fact, I didn't even know how it felt to be accepted by others until finding it. I took it on board so rapidly, it feels like it has always been a part of me. And the impact it has had on me will remain with me forever.

All of those who have inspired me along the way, you know exactly who you are. My experience as a Furry has been enriched by having you in my lives. I'll never forget it.


The day I found the Furry Fandom.


16 May 2018 at 02:34:03 MDT

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