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so it's been a while since i've been regularly active here and that's mostly due to laziness. but i'm posting now to keep everyone abreast of what's coming up stream/commission-wise. here's what's up.

  • streams are now thursday to sunday, 3-10pm central. my hubby's shift recently changed and i'm following suit.

  • i've retired watercolor toons and speedpaints for now. i am moving away from photoshop as a primary artmaking program, and those were the only digital commission types that i still used photoshop to make. i am still working on how i want to translate those types of commissions to clip studio paint, so once i refine how i want the workflow translated in CSP i will offer them again.

  • i am getting rid of icons and instead offering headshots. what's the difference? icons i formatted to be small and square. i produced them small and at 72 DPI. i am now offering headshots that i think will be more useful for people outside of just 100x100px gifs. they'll be offered for every colored commission style (so instead of just full body or partial, you can get that style as a headshot.) in general they will be bigger, be "circle" friendly, and come in one of two default backgrounds: solid color background like usual OR "floating head" with transparent PNG. as usual, background elements can be added but will be extra.

  • some prices are changing, MOSTLY the headshots and i am standardizing the extra character discounts i offer. the usual single character styles and sketch pages are not changing. these changes will be coming probably the 17th, when i will have it all finalized. until then, you can grab all available commissions.

  • still working on bringing back reference sheets. i keep getting asked about them and am still on the fence.

  • thinking about offering YCH scenes to give me a chance to draw some themes i don't normally get commissioned.

commission info, as always, can be found at and more timely updates are located at @ArtByPac on twitter



6 May 2018 at 15:35:07 MDT

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    ayyy! good to hear from you! seeing your stream records reminds me but I'm usually in the middle of something or had scheduled something. with the new shift change, and the heads up, now i can mark my calendar!

    CSP is heavenly. i love the ease of working in it. good on ya.

    reference sheets are intense. very hard to track effort and production... take all the time ever if you need to!

    YCH to do themes you miss from commission work is an excellent way to practice what YOU like, have fun doing so, and then have someone's interest in it directly reflected with their character insert. i don't have as much experience as i would like with them yet from what i see, it gives artists a chance to flex their muscles moreso than the average character profile, pinup, frame, or portrait.